Online Ordering FAQs

Our online order entry system makes it easy for you to book, track, and document all of your shipments with River Oaks Couriers.

In our system, you can:

  • Easily order with saved addresses
  • Quote shipments online
  • Track all shipments efficiently from one screen (including orders placed online or on the phone)
  • Get automated notifications
  • Easily view job details or reprint the original BOL
  • Improved driver communications leading to more efficient routes

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still need additional help, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our logistics experts!

Will I receive a tracking number with my shipment?

Our system produces a real-time tracking number after verifying your contact information.

Am I able to save a shipping location for future use?

All frequent locations are available to save time in placing orders.


Can I view my order history?

Customers are able to view all orders placed in the system, both call in orders and orders placed on the web.


How will I be updated on my order status?

An automatic email will be sent to the person who placed the order with a link to related documents. Additionally, you can add an email address for your customers notification.


What if we have multiple shippers in our company?

You can create multiple users with a unique username and password. Anyone authorized to set up deliveries can have their own login and password. All orders company wide can be reviewed in tracking and reporting. Just give us a call if someone needs their own username and password at 713.779.7363

Additionally, if you need completely separate invoices for different departments, we can create multiple account numbers for your various departments or users to completely segregate their activity.


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