About Us

Easy, on-time and affordable logistics

At River Oaks Couriers, our focus is on providing the most reliable service possible for our customers using the most advanced technology. Since our first delivery, we have committed ourselves to not just delivering on-time for our customers, but delivering on price and customer service as well.

Our entire staff represents your company every time we make a delivery. Whether your company is large or small, you can trust us to preserve your company’s hard-earned reputation with our performance and professionalism.


River Oaks Couriers has logistical experience in many industries including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Construction
  • Air freight forwarder (TSA certified)

Our Fleet

We offer a diverse fleet of vehicles to meet all of your transportation needs, including

  • Pickups
  • Box trucks
  • Vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Floats
  • Semis

Our Team

Kevin 0521
Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark has been President of River Oaks Couriers, since 1995.   Mr. Clark is a CPA with years of experience in public accounting with an international accounting firm as well as controllership positions in various companies.

He has led the River Oaks Couriers organization from a small niche courier operation, to one of the largest transportation companies in the Houston metro area.

Tom Lyons

A long veteran of freight operations and sales.  Tom joined our team in 2006 and hit the ground running.  He has been instrumental in our growth and transition from a small package carrier to a one stop freight shop.  He knows it all, from high visibility medical customers, to heavy freight hot shot.

Pam 0521
Pam Davis

Pam Davis was with River Oaks Couriers in 1995 through 2001, and handled every administrative position from Customer Service to invoicing and all aspects of accounting and marketing.  She has recently returned to us after moving out of state, and we are happy to have her home again.  If you have any questions on your account Pam knows the answer.

Cathy 0521
Cathy Plessala

Cathy was a longtime owner of Gulf Coast Hot-Shot.  When they joined forces with River Oaks Couriers in 2016, we were lucky to be able to transition her in house with our team.  She has a long history in customer service, dispatch, invoicing, accounting and collections.  On top of that, she is just a real pleasure to have around the office.

Adam Castillo

Adam Castillo is a favorite of many of our customers.  After his many years with the international carriers and significant time operating a box-truck for River Oaks Couriers, we brought him inside due to his personable, unflappable approach.  When the going gets tough Adam gets going, and that is why he is instrumental in our Customer Service team.

Brad 0521
Brad Richard

Brad Richard has a long history with the international carriers and has held positions with the likes of UPS, Airborne Express, and most notably DHL Worldwide Express, where he owned a delivery contract and ran 40 vans across the Houston area for them.  As our Safety and DOT manager, he has overseen the revamping of our DOT compliance procedures, and made us a truly preferred carrier with exceptional safety scores.

Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin came on board in 2011 to help us in our effort to digitize our delivery tickets on an ongoing basis, and has continued in that effort without ceasing.  Hundreds of tickets per day, every day, and her motto is, I never leave until the job is done.  This has been a great service for us and our customers.

Frank Prince

Frank joined River Oaks Couriers in 2014, and has become a fixture in Customer Service, as well as emergency back up in dispatch.  His winning personality and even keel has served us well, and he has become the go to person for several of our customers.  Many of our customers report that their interactions with our gentle giant are an agreeable mix of laughter and efficiency.

Sammy 0521
Samuel Rodriguez

Sammy Rodriguez started with River Oaks Couriers in April 2012 as a flatbed driver. His commitment to excellence and customer service rapidly propelled him to a lead driver position. Sammy has been instrumental in training many drivers to increase safety and professionalism.

Part of the Preferred Companies

River Oaks Couriers is part of a larger network of logistics companies. Each company specializes in a certain area of logistics support but we provide a seamless customer service experience. Learn more on each website or on our services pages.