Case Study: National Food Processor and Distributor

Temporary spikes in distribution needs can wreak havoc in your processes throughout your entire organization, impacting your primary goals of product development, product fabrication, and in-house system innovation. Beyond hurricanes and pandemics, there are many more mundane factors that can impact your in-house distribution network.

In 2020 we helped our customers regulate their supply chain. By allowing us to serve as their on-demand distribution partner, our customers were able to respond quickly to fluctuating demand without over-investing in equipment and personnel.

A Customer Story
Customer: National Food Processor and Distributor
Challenge: A large, international food distributor has an efficient day to day distribution network in place. Over the last calendar year, several unexpected large disruptors effected their supply chain including warehouse backlogs, a notable uptick in food purchases as a result of the pandemic, and operational fluctuations due to multiple hurricanes in the region.
Solution: ROC has assisted this group with their off-normal-route delivery needs for several years. We were available to them for emergency route deliveries to multiple locations in Texas and Louisiana with very little notice. Our highly responsive team was able to fill the gaps in their supply chain so they could maintain their impressive reputation in the food industry space.

How can we help you?
Whether you see your next battle on the horizon (and we almost always do), or you want to arm-up in advance, incorporate our family of companies to help bridge the gaps, and take distribution worries out of the equation.

River Oaks Couriers: Call us for vans, boxtrucks, flatbeds of every size to anywhere in the US! If you need 18 wheelers and specialized equipment for unusually heavy or long loads, we will seamlessly work with our in-house logistics brokerage Preferred Logistics, Inc.

In addition, cross docking services are available through Shipping and Handling of TX, and domestic and international parcel shipping are available with Preferred Shipping.

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