Rethinking Express Freight vs Ground

Rethinking “today” vs “tomorrow” deliveries
Many of our customers use ROC for their most time sensitive deliveries, and historically have sent their freight that is not expedited using UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. We have often said, we are the “today” people and the ground options are the “tomorrow” people. Times change, however, especially when you are dealing with the giants like UPS and FedEx.

The fees keep coming
The big carriers continue to adjust their accessorials and dimensional weight policies to benefit their behemoth organizations. UPS has changed their overweight policy to include a $24.00 accessorial add-on to any and every box that weighs more than 50lbs. So, if you have 4 boxes that are each over 50 lbs then your ground carrier may be adding an additional $100.00 for that delivery over and above your agreed upon base rate.

$100.00 – EXTRA – for delivery tomorrow, or later. A recent study of 100 large shippers showed that 14.5% of their shipments will incur this charge.

The ROC way of pricing
At River Oaks Couriers:
1. We do not have pick up charges.
2. We do not even figure dimensional weight.
3. Our weight charge of 5 cents/lb over 100 lbs for light ground freight has been the same since 1995. That’s right… 1995.
4. Your freight is always DELIVERED TODAY.

The only thing that we can depend on in today’s market, is that the old rules just don’t apply. So, check your ground freight against River Oaks Couriers, and you may find yourself over-performing, and doing so at a better rate. Won’t that be great?!!

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